Sunday, December 7, 2008

File name Archivier released!


I'm pleased to release an extremely simple archivier for filenames that helps you when you have lots of backup DVDs and you have to search into them to find a file.
Whith this script you can make a rapid archive of all the files and directories of your medias and search into this archive to find the dvd where files are stored.

When you download the script, remember to set the correct permissions
$ chmod 0755

Here follows an example of usage

let's make the archives for all the dvds
bash-3.1$ pmount /dev/cdrom
bash-3.1$ ./ -c /media/cdrom/ dvdbackup1
bash-3.1$ pumount /dev/cdrom

bash-3.1$ pmount /dev/cdrom
bash-3.1$ ./ -c /media/cdrom/ dvdbackup2
bash-3.1$ pumount /dev/cdrom

let's search for file named Bilbo
bash-3.1$ ./ -f  bilbo
|-- Bilbo.avi
IN ARCHIVE:  /home/giovanni/.detective/dvdbackup1

|-- Bilbo adventure.avi
|-- The Hobbit (BILBO).avi
IN ARCHIVE:  /home/giovanni/.detective/dvdbackup2

That's all!


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