Saturday, October 13, 2007


I've inserted the donation to my projects on
This initiative is taken because if anyone that like my works (softwares, tutorials etc...) want to donate something he can do that in a simple way.
Now I develop Open Source and Free Software for passion... and I continue if I can with or without donations and my software continue to be free. Actually I've not planned to live with the fees of my softwares (because I've not the time to develop commercia applications and because I like the philosophy of the free software or the OpenSource).
In this way if you make a donation, you don't donate to a specifically project but you donate globally to the work that I release in the net. The choice of the project to donate is based on a percent that I devolve to other projects.
For example:
You like a lot my tutorials or my shell and you want to donate me 10$ then you can choice if you open the donation page of BohShell and I will donate the 5% of your 10$ to Sourceforge or open the donation page of GMPlayer and I will donate the 10% of your 10$ to the Open Source Initiative.
With this principe, when I make another project to sourceforge I will activate the donations and maybe you will devolve 10% of your 10$ to GNOME... so with donations to me you donate a part of your donation to another project! So choice accurately.

BohShell Project (5% of your donations are devolved to
GMPlayer Project (10% of your donations are devolved to Open Source Initiative )

Thanks a lot! And continue to enjoy with my software (even without donations :) )!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

New Web Site for BohShell


I've made a new website for BohShell!
If you want news or download the latest version of BohShell you can go there!