Wednesday, April 16, 2008

OpenSource document: new Release!

I've released a new version of the document: Open Source, Free Software & GNU/Linux after a revision by Slacky members.
There are few major changes.
The first is on the extension of the document to contain the Creative Commons Licence and the Thanks to section.
The second is the corrections of the hacker and UNIX note.
Follows few grammar corrections.

You can download the document HERE or in the menu on the right.
In the next few days the new version of the document can also be downloaded at Slacky home page section "Il nostro mondo"


Monday, April 7, 2008

Important poll

Second post the same day :D
I've make an important poll.
The title is "Why don't you use GNU/linux?"
in the possible choices some are false and some are true. Many peoples thinks some features of this OS that are false or maybe true 20 years ago :)
So I'm curious, why that peoples don't wanto to try the penguin system.
Answer sincerely!

OpenSource document under the Creative Commons licence

I've released the paper "Open Source, Free Software e GNU/Linux" under the Creative Commons licence as recommended to me by the Sulmona Lug.
It's a good way to make it open!


Saturday, April 5, 2008

Matrix-Like ScreenSaver for Linux Console Released!

I'm pleased to release the first version of my new program.
It's a screen saver for linux console (it works at the best on frame buffer console) that shows the tipical Matrix code.
The name is Matricurses
It use ncurses, so if you wanto to compile it, you have to run
$ gcc -o matricurses -lncurses matrix.c

It's released under the GPLv3 .
In the package you'll find the source code, a i486 binary to run it on the fly if you have an i486 machine and a Slackware package tgz, to install on your slackware :D .