Sunday, March 25, 2007

Site Opening

This is my persona web site... or better... this is the home page of my personal web site.

I've lots of unlinked pages on the net that allow you to download software and papers that I've written.
Too bad! With this home page I've decided to make a bit order in my software distribution and also make an official space to publish all the news regarding the current software that is in development.

You can also go to the Forum to discuss problems of my software, give advices or simply write your impressions about the programs that you've downloaded.

Most of the software that I've developed are free and some open source... try them!

If I've the time I continue to add more details to the site... but I prefere to develop software!
Currently in development I have:
MAIN PROJECT: Vertex Holm (a Direct3D based 3D outdoor engine)
-Gorilla GBA (a GameBoy Advance version of Gorilla for QBasic)
-Some small utilities

Site Under Construction

From now... this is my official web sites....
When it's done, you can take this site as a reference for my software.
Links to my pages will appear soon and there is also a forum (mailing list) where you can talk about my software to describe bugs (my software are full of them) or simply to give advices.

To see my blog... GoTo My Half Life