Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Bliz Multifile Steganography System

I've written the specs for a steganography system.
With this specs you can build a steganography system that allow the user to encode/decode in an image up to 3 different ascii messages.

The steganography is an encryption system that insert datas to be hidden in an image, so you can preserve in your disk an innocent image that contains a message inside :)

The BMS2 (Bliz Multifile Steganography System) spec is released under the Creative commons licence.
You can download the spec here: DOWNLOAD BMS2 PAPER


Creative Commons License

Bliz Multifile Steganography System by
Giovanni Santostefano is licensed under a
Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 2.5 Italy License.

Ascoltate la mia storia (a blog romance)

I'm writing in my few spare time a blog with a romance within.
It's written in Italian and the story (fantasy) is lived like a blog.
the address is


Friday, July 18, 2008

Funny lisp code!

Today I want to post a funny code... funny for me that I'm a lisp newbie.
Yesterday I'm starting learning lisp for pleasure.
Today in my strange brain jumps the idea to implement a mergesort.
I started the coding and all seems to be nice.
Since the last function where I take lots of strange behaviors.
The strange thing is that the program duplicate some numbers
{5,4,3,2,1} --a kind of-->{1,22,3333,4444,5}
Let's change the method!
In the change I add some recursion to make this mergesort style

(setq M (round (/ I 2)))
(setq C (g_mergesort (g_firsthalf A M)))
(setq D (g_mergesort (g_secondhalf A M)))
(g_merge C D) )

but when I write the C assignment I launch a test with the previous mergesort system.
The code looks like this

(defun g_mergesort(A)
"The mergesort"
(setq I (list-length A))
;(print A)
(if (<= I 1) (return-from g_mergesort A))

(setq M (round (/ I 2)))
(setq C (g_mergesort (g_firsthalf A M))) ;blackbox

(g_merge (g_mergesort (g_firsthalf A M)) (g_mergesort (g_secondhalf A M))) )

It works o_O
but... in my mind not! I'm starting to write another way! this is a mix of the new and the previous code and it WORKS!!!!!
I looks to the recursion tree but scared I close it :D

This is the full code: LISP STRANGE MERGE SORT


Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Tutorial Introduction to KGpg

few minutes ago It was released on KDE-Italia a new tutorial that I've written.
It's an introduction to KGpg a front-end for GNUPG that runs on KDE environment.
GPG is a cryptography tool.

The tutorial is in Italian.


Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Tutorial GPRS configuration on KPPP

recently KDE-Italia released a tutorial that I've written to show how to configure the dialup software Kppp to make a connection with the GPRS protocol.
I've written this tutorial in Italian and it's filled with images of the operation sequence.
The hardware used is the Telit usb modem sponsored for Wind company