Thursday, August 21, 2008

KSIP on Slacky repository

Thanks to conraid that makes ksip tgz package and to Loris that upload it, you can download KSlacky InfoPkg directly from Slacky Repository.

Conraid also says to me that he wants to upload an i686 package on is a new site dedicated to Slackware and "the slack" philosophy.
This site has many complements to Slacky such as i686 packages and downloadble pdf of wikislacky documents.


Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Qfold released! (GNU/GPLv3)

I'm pleased to release my new program: Qfold.
Qfold is a Qt4 reimplementation of fold(1).
With Qfold you can format text in n-columns ascii text and optionally convert accents like
"รจ " in "e' " and tabs in " " (4 spaces).
Optionally you can choose to don't cut words.

Here is a screenshot!


Tuesday, August 19, 2008

KSIP and Weblog update

I've found the time yesterday to add to my weblog a feed RSS to make easier to control new posts.
The url of the rss feed is and you can control the feed, for example, directly with your browser (Firefox and Seamonkey natively support the feed reader) or by a dedicated software like akgregator (for KDE users) or shownews / newsbeuter (for console users).

The second update I've made is on KSlacky InfoPkg. I've released the test version of the 1.6.2 that improve the search and introduce the info button that calculate the total size of your slack packages and the biggest tgz in your system.
The test version is ready on the forum by clicking HERE
The tgz package of the 1.6.1 version are ready on the OFFICIAL SITE