Saturday, April 5, 2008

Matrix-Like ScreenSaver for Linux Console Released!

I'm pleased to release the first version of my new program.
It's a screen saver for linux console (it works at the best on frame buffer console) that shows the tipical Matrix code.
The name is Matricurses
It use ncurses, so if you wanto to compile it, you have to run
$ gcc -o matricurses -lncurses matrix.c

It's released under the GPLv3 .
In the package you'll find the source code, a i486 binary to run it on the fly if you have an i486 machine and a Slackware package tgz, to install on your slackware :D .




m1fcj said...

Nice app! :-)

Giovanni said...

thanks! :)

h4emp3 said...

Very nice program! Thx a lot!