Wednesday, December 3, 2008

A.U.T.O. alpha stage released!

I'm really proud to share with you all the alpha demo of a new game that I've programmed.

The graphic of this game is made by my friend  "Void"

A.U.T.O. (Accelerate Until the Time is Over) is a 2D Racing game developed with SDL and available for GNU/Linux ,  Windows  and other systems that support SDL libraries.

For this release you know that is only an alpha stage and it's really far from the 1.0 result but I think that maybe I can give you 5 minutes of fun!!!

Don't give up to the first bend :D the game is a bit hard on the beginning but you can take it in full throttle when you are experienced.

THIS DEMO IS DEVELOPED IN 4 DAYS!!! AND THE CODE IS TERRIFIC :D it's not c++ and it's not well written C.  But I'm so busy and I had only the weekend to make something that works.

You can download the test game at



and send me feedbacks :P

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