Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Software Update


I've developed lots of software that I've not uploaded here...
some software are hosted by my friends and some (the elders) are not online :(

Today I've linked 4 elements (3 softwares and 1 paper) that are hosted by www.univaqqa.org.

BlizCypher Beta1 is a file encrypter/decrypter written in Visual Basic .NET 2003

PWDMan is a password manager to use in internet cafè etc... to avoid keyloggers... written in Visual Basic.NET 2003

DamnKeylogger is a paper (in Italian) that describe the development of a small keylogger (section Paper & Tutorials)

Secure Delete is a Linux small software used to delete files first overwriting them.
If you have a journaled filesystem probably the files are recoverable.

That's all for now!

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